Message from the market President

At AES Puerto Rico, sustainability is core to both our strategy and our culture. 

Jesus Bolinaga

President AES Puerto Rico

At AES Puerto Rico, sustainability is core to both our strategy and our culture. 

We are proud to have been pioneers in Puerto Rico with the first grid scale solar facility almost ten years ago. Working with our communities and partners, our people share a passion to help meet the island’s current and increasing energy needs, develop positive social impact programs and create long-term value to achieve the island’s sustainability goals faster. 

AES is committed to improving our carbon footprint through both near-term and long-term targets and we are leading the innovation of new technologies that empower others as well. In Puerto Rico we will continue to support the reliability of the grid, ensure resilience and be part of a responsible transformation of the grid with key investments in new energy solutions for the island.

For the planet

Accelerating clean growth and innovation

Growth in renewables and energy storage is core to AES’ strategy.

For our people

Bringing our people together for greater impact

Our people are passionate about meeting the world’s current and future energy needs.

For our communities

Partnering with communities for the future of energy

We commit to strengthening positive impact through socioeconomic and environmental partnerships that improve lives today and in the future.


Our sustainability goals

Reduce pro-forma generation from coal to below 30% of portfolio by 2020 and 10% by 2030


Have zero carbon emissions from electricity by 2050


Add 2-3 GW of wind, solar and energy storage per year


Reduce carbon intensity 50% by 2022 and 70% by 2030 versus 2016 levels